Waves Camp

Build a better internet

Get support for your

  • DeFi
  • Metaverse
  • Gaming
  • DAO
  • Culture
  • Impact project

If your goal is to build a better internet. You’re in good company. We help projects with everything they need to do just that.


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    Getting you the funding you need to make the leap into Web3 on Waves Blockchain.
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    Getting you access to all the support you need to move at Web3 speed.
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    Giving you the best start with ready made marketing, business development and community packages.

Why Join Waves Camp?

  • Funding cross
    • Up to $100k per company
    • Verified access to Waves Exchange Launchpad and crowdfund (coming soon)
    • Liquidity pool support and market making
  • Bespoke Marketing, BD and Community support cross
    • Reduce the risk of failure by relying on our in house experts for help in every area you could run into issues.
    • We already partner with all the exchanges, infrastructure providers and have an active ambassador program to help fulfil your projects needs.
    • Up to $100k of Marketing, BD and Community services to get you started while you build your team.
  • Technical guidance, mentorship and education cross
    • Reduce time to solution and overwhelm by talking to real people that can help when you need it.
    • Get access to a library of async workshops, courses and developer resources.
    • Participate in exclusive live workshops with other projects and run by core Waves Developers.
  • Access a ready-made crypto network and ecosystem cross
    • Don’t know anyone in Web3? We do.
    • Unrestricted access to exclusive telegram and discord channels with partners, peers, exchanges, influencers, experts and mentors

Why Build On Waves?

active wallets
daily transactions
active community

Blue ocean opportunity to be a cornerstone project on Waves

What type of projects
are accepted?

  • DeFi
    The internet of the future is open to all and has currency natively built in. Build an open finance project to give people better access to financial products
  • Metaverse
    The internet of the future is a more immersive experience, supported by augmented and virtual reality technology. Build an open metaverse to help people connect from wherever they are whenever they want
  • Gaming
    The internet of the future is gamified. Build a gamified experience with its own economy, to give anyone access to income doing what they enjoy
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
    The internet of the future is about more than financial gain, it’s about social good. Build a DAO project to give your communities the power to own, govern and participate
  • Art & Collectibles
    The internet of the future brings internet culture and digital art out of the dark web and into real life. Build an art or culture project to give the world your vision and let them all share in your success
  • Impact
    Building a better internet means making a real impact on the society we experience today. We’re especially interested in helping projects with real world impact. Build your impact project and change the world!

Waves Camp Workshops

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    Tech & Tooling
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    Community & Growth
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    Business Operations/Legals
Waves Camp Mentors
  • Sasha Ivanov

    Sasha Ivanov
    Waves Founder
  • Ekin Tuna

    Ekin Tuna
    Head at Waves Camp
  • Jack Booth

    Jack Booth
    Marketing lead at Waves Labs
  • Jon Poole

    Jon Poole
    Head of Community at Waves Labs
  • Rob van de Camp

    Rob van de Camp
    Dev Relation Manager at Waves Labs
  • Bram Nagtegals

    Bram Nagtegals
    Board member at Waves Associations
  • Austin McCaffrey

    Austin McCaffrey
    Business Development Manager at Waves Labs
  • Inal Kardan

    Inal Kardan
    Co-founder Waves Ducks & Meta0
  • Vladimir Zhuravlev

    Vladimir Zhuravlev
    Co-founder Waves Ducks & Puzzle Network